Thursday, August 15, 2002

Is this going to work?

Sunday, August 11, 2002

A new bathroom and summer furniture set, as well as some new female skins, are up for grabs at Simfreaks.

WDS bestows upon us the Punk Rock Cafe--a fun take on the Hard Rock Cafe, it'll be at place in any liberal neighborhood.

Awesome new casual skins at Boutika, with some based on the style of Diesel Jeans.

New black bathroom set at Sun Air Sims. Very nice--love the tub. I think this is my new favourite bathroom set.

Walls, floors, and a kitchen set are what's new at Fairywitch and Ikbod Sims.

Great new bathtub at 8DS.

Heh. Love the smoking table at Cheap Frills. Great for bars. And yes, it's bad for you, I'm aware.

New casual and formal skins--and a new address--for Sultry Earth.