Saturday, August 03, 2002

Why isn't this working?
Testing...I seem to be having Blogger troubles. My last update, yesterday, didn't come through.

Friday, August 02, 2002

In case you haven't noticed the pattern, updates will be Fridays from now on.

The sofa for the Teen Bedroom set is up at 7DS--more items to follow.

New meshes, skins, and N*sync heads (which are very well done) at Simfreaks.

Check out the new store and related skins at WDS.

The About Unleashed section is now open at the main site--it's got some more screenshots and a new FAQ. I asked at my local Compucenter, and their release date for Unleashed is September 16--six weeks to go.

Interior Designs for The Sims has updated with castle towers and an ivy-laden column before Cristina goes on a short vacation.

Lots of car recolours at SIMulation.

Gorge new bed at 8DS.

New chairs and sofas at Trinkets and Treasures.

Ophelia has added a new bedroom, and is working on a new garden set.