Friday, July 19, 2002

Simfreaks has updated with new clothes for your Sim ladies for summer, and a new living room set with a cool plasma TV.

Another great Friday Furniture update at WDS--a wood living room. Check out the second part of their WDS Store, with a sales clerk. Next week there's a new kitchen that looks really nice.

Sandy brings us a new living room set and some photographs for the walls.

New rugs, skins, and flowers at Studio Sim.

Rachel at Trinkets and Treasures has updated with some new skins, as well as updated Ford Thunderbirds and a wall/floor set.

An umbrella and a barbeque have been added at Persimmon Grove. I'm excited to see the great objects this site will have when the new expansion pack comes out, since Sims will be able to have actual gardens then.

Check out the preview for the new bedroom set at Ophelia's.