Saturday, July 13, 2002

Okay, it's been a while. Life's been hectic lately. But that means a big update! Gotta look on the bright side ;)

7DS has added some nice objects to the Teen Bedroom set. The couch and chair would work well in a casual living room as well as in a bedroom.

Some really well-done celebrity heads are up at Simfreaks, along with a new outdoor set.

WDS has updated with some new skins and heads, as well as the first part of a two-part update to their WDS Store for downtown.

Also at WDS is some information on the new Sims expansion pack--you can find info at the main site. Here's the basics: the pack is called The Sims Unleashed, which refers to the fact that you can now have fully functional Sim pets; the neighborhood is expanded to include pet-related locations, such as a park; new gardening capabilites have been added, which work with the new pantry and farmer's market; there are five new career paths (fashion, teaching, circus, cooking, and veterinarian); and there are 125 new objects. It's out in September--check out the two screenshots that are up right now.

Check out the new outfits under Labels and Casual at Boutika.

Happy Anniversary to Interior Design for The Sims, who have updated with some new garden items.

New punky shorts and heads at Monay's.

Sandy at Around the Sims has been busy--she's added 42 (!) bathing suits for Sim ladies. Check out her Modern Line living room set also.

Simulation Sims has updated with new paintings and skins.

Awesome new updates from FingerMouse--a usable pool floatie and an adoptable baby with home care.

This is great--a program that takes care of all those pesky downloads that need to be unzipped. A godsend--I haven't played in a while, so I'm really looking forward to getting rid of my backlog of files that I need to unzip and getting started :)

Studio Sim has updated with a bunch of start-of-the-month items, with new walls and houses to come.

New kitchen items and models at Super Sims.

Eight new outfits for women at West Coast Sims.

New greenery at Persimmon Grove.

There's a great new glass bathroom set at Party Sims.

Juniper Sun has updated with a lovely new dining set and a bedroom.

Lots of new stuff at Paladin's Place, including a pier, a fire brigade, home archery, and ways to get the mime and Drew Carey to both come to and leave your house.

Great new downtown lots at BriSims.

Finally, good stuff from Ophelia--teapots, library objects, and wallpaper.
Well, well.

I know, it's been a while, for too many reasons to explain. Update tonight.