Thursday, June 13, 2002

The teen bedroom set has started to arrive at Simfreaks. The TV looks really great.

Four new evening gowns have been added at Boutika.

Some new heads and an XL skin mark the end of skinning for the Simsisters.

Cute idea--Barbie fashions for your Sims at Sun Air Sims.

Love the trashy motel bed at 8DS.

Look for an influx of skins at Trinkets and Treasures. The heads are already up.

Check out the Tokyo Teen Bedroom set--it's an updated version of the one that was at , but it's now at Sultry Earth. Looks great!

Three lovely new skins at Kerv.

New backyard stuff at Persimmon Grove.

Great new love bed at Party Sims

Fabulous new kitchen stuff at Ophelia's. There's some new skins as well.