Friday, June 07, 2002

I posted an update a few days ago, but it looks like it didn't go through. Sorry about that.

Simfreaks has added some flower girls and ring bearers, as well as some updates to the Psychle set.

Cowboy Week (as I've christened it) has begun at WDS. First up is the children's bedroom (I refuse to gender-designate it)--some items are already up, and others are yet to come.

Sandy's new Modern Line study at Around The Sims looks great--look out for the other rooms in the line that are yet to come.

SimGoddesses has updated. Amoung the updates are a new kitchen set and some walls.

Happy New Baby Fingermouse! Aww :)

Lots of walls at Trinkets and Treasures.

The new Romantic Getaway set at Party Sims is really nice.

Gorge new chair and loveseat at Ophelia's.