Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Some new skins by Squeegee have been added at Simfreaks.

Exercise Week at WDS has begun--download some outfits for your Sims to wear while they get ready for the upcoming equipment.

SimGoddesses have a lovely new bedroom set available for download. It includes a great recolour of the new Vacation hotel bed.

Another update is up at Studio Sim. It includes new tile walls and floors, a new column, new storage units, new rugs, a new table, a new booth, and some paintings. Whew! There's a lof of great stuff, so check it out.

Lovely vintage posters have been added at Juniper Sun.

Here's an oldy but a goody from Simorphor. The site hasn't updated in almost a year, but their stuff is so great that I think it should get some attention. I like this bathroom set quite a lot.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Simfreaks has added some vehicles that I'm surprised noone else has thought of yet--VW beetles. There's even a freebie car, so be sure to check them out.

Two new sets of skins have been added at Sun Air Sims--a colourful female set and a designer imposters set.

A fabulous new Moroccan-inspired bedroom is up at Around The Sims, complete with matching walls and floors.

Another great new set is underway at SIMulations. It's a downtown set, with some great objects to come, and a couple already available for download.

Some great-looking Spiderman skins are available at 8DS.

SimGoddesses has updated with some new stone exterior walls.

Another big update at Studio Sim--recoloured sofas and ceiling lamps and new floors and walls.

There's a new design at Trinkets and Treasures, as well as some new cars, a new plant, and a new light.

Some new bridal skins have been added at The Sims Dreamhouse.

New outfits for women have been added at Sultry Earth--they're based on some of their formal dresses, but toned down for more everyday wear.

Kerv has updated with some new women's skins as well.

There are some new plants up in the Outdoor section at Persimmon Grove.

A lovely new shop set is up at Party Sims. There's a new kitchen, some recoloured medicine cabinets, and a lovely floral boutique set as well.

New objects are up at Juniper Sun--I like the pool.

Ophelia has updated with new wallpaper and a lovely bathroom set.

And, wow, 100 000 hits! Thanks :)