Thursday, May 23, 2002

WDS pulls out all the stops by giving us two bedroom sets this week--a new one by Julia and a classic by Jenova. Look for some exercise-related items to come.

If you're an internation fan of The Sims, check out the main site--there's now an international patch available for Hot Date users outside of North America.

Fabu new popcorn machine, as well as some movie posters, at 8DS.

Party Sims has updated with a meditation tent that works like the rental tent in Vacation, some flowers stalls and displays for downtown,

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Well, it's been a while, but I'll try not to miss too much :) I'm excited to see what's been going on...

Gorgeous new site--SIMulation. This site has top notch furniture, with quality you'd expect at 7DS or Simfreaks. Make sure you check it out if you haven't already.

The tons of updates that have been up at Simfreaks include wedding skins, a living room set, a program that allows you to attach props like glasses to your Sims, and today's update, items for a fun kid's bedroom. I like the freebie cloud lamp.

WDS has updated with a colourful patio set and a lovely dark bedroom. I love the tube waterslide!

Some new beach blankets for Vacation Island have been added at the main site for Sim Day.

There have been some sale items added at Boutika, as well as some new undies, work clothes, and casual outfits.

Unfortunately, Barairo no Jinsei is on hiatus due to some bad behaviour problems the creator has had to deal with. It takes one rotten apple...

A new bedroom set is on the way at Interior Design for The Sims--the dresser, which looks great, is already available. This is the work of Terra and her new guest artist, Luisa. There's a medievil set coming soon as well. A lovely new kitchen has been added as well.

3DS is up for those who wish to get Denise's creations, but there won't be any updates.

Check out the very cute new bathing suits at Monay's.

A new bathroom set has been added at BriSims.

Some lovely new rosewood furniture has been added at Sun Air Sims.

Around the Sims has given the Sim ladies some cute new Sim men to dream about at night. Keep watching for a new bedroom set with a sunny, Sante Fe feel.

Paladin has updated his great programs to be Vacation-compatible.

There's a new bathroom at Studio Sim, as well as a wedding dress and a new head. The bedroom is still on its way.

Some skins, walls, floors, and random objects have been added at Trinkets and Treasures.

A fun new kitchen--in red--is up at SuperSims.

Lots of great new skins at West Coast Sims and Sultry Earth.

Enegi is back online with a new layout and some new skins--the preview heads look great.

Another outdoor patio set has been added, this one to Party Sims.

More objects to make you go "Om" at Juniper Sun.
I know, I know--it's been quite a while. Unfortunately, getting my Internet access set up after my move proved to be a far more difficult and dragged-out process than I had hoped it would--I just got my access yesterday. Sorry for the ungodly long delay in updates--look for a big one tonight :)