Saturday, April 27, 2002

This will be my last update for about a week--I'm moving, so I won't have Internet access for a bit while I'm in transition. I should be back in operation by Sunday, though, so you won't have to wait too long :)

Simfreaks is getting everyone ready for summer, with some new skins for both men and women, and a new patio set.

This Friday, WDS added a new bedroom set for hotels based on the new Vacation bed that is somewhat less....colourful than the original :)

We actually got an object for Sim Day this week at the main site--a new carnival game for Vacation.

Things at Boutika are looking lovely, with a new host and a new design. They've got some staff positions open as well, so be sure to check those out if you're interested.

There's a preview up at Interior Designs for The Sims that looks really great--I'm looking forward to getting it!

The Atrus study at Around the Sims has been expanded with some new objects.

Fairywitch and Ikbod Sim has updated. The Encyclopedia Simmanica is a great idea--you can buff up on all your skills at once :) There's also some new chairs, houses, and walls.

New ladies' fashions are up at Sultry Earth.

Party Sims updates with a new wooden kitchen set.

A new object set, and a ton of walls and floors, have been added at Juniper Sun.

Monday, April 22, 2002

I need to procrastinate a little bit, so here's another update :) This is better than studying for exams, anyway.

Get your Sims ready for warmer weather with these new skins from Simfreaks.

Boutika is redecorating and will be open again in a few days.

Hanna has updated at SimSisters with a neat new mirror--you can practice your acting skills instead of a speech. Great for those Sims in the acting career category. Plus, it looks cool :) It'll still increase charisma.

Monay is back with a new site design, and lots of new skins at heads. Be sure to check them all out in the open sections.

A new rosewood furniture set has been added at Sun Air Sims.

Sim Goddesses has updated with a new kitchen set.

The clothing section is open now at The Sims Dream House.

The men's section at Sultry Earth celebrates its grand opening as well, with six new skins.

New site update--Juniper Sun has some great, Eastern-inspired objects. Check them out. I just downloaded pretty much everything on the site :) The concept for the Stylin' section is a great idea.

Three new ladies' skins at Kerv.

Some more lovely backyard objects have been added at Persimmon Grove. The scarecrows are particularily cute.

Party Sims is another new site that I'm really enjoying right now. They have tons and tons of Vacation recolours. Their recent updates include a new changing booth and new windows.