Friday, April 19, 2002

Sorry I've been AWOL for a bit--exams, assignments, work, a short trip out-of-town, and strep throat all monopolized my time for a while.

Simfreaks has updated with some new male heads from Fionn and Ahn, new vintage skins, and a new living room set.

WDS has updated with a new living room set as well, which includes a very cute flower clock.

Unfortunately, Denise is retiring from skinning for The Sims. She may put her old stuff up elsewhere, however.

Great idea at Barairo No Jinsei--a playable violin.

Interior Design for The Sims has added a toilet to match the modern bathroom set, an Asian-style pergola, and three new rugs.

New Hot Date buyables at Sim Sisters.

Two pages of new skins have been added at Sun Air Sims.

New update at Fairywitch and Ikbod Sims--a great new kitchen, new skins, and lots of houses.

8DS has updated with some new objects and skins, including an awesome Fat Elvis DJ booth.

Some new boys and girls heads have been added at Studio Sim.

Awesome new alternative skins at West Coast Sims.

New clothes for your girl Sims at Sultry Earth.

A new set and some new swimsuits have been added at Kerv.

Persimmon Grove has added a very cool new fish pond.