Friday, April 05, 2002

Big news at 7DS today. First of all, the preview is up for Part One of the Teen Bedroom Set. Email Garret if you have any suggestions or ideas for it. Secondly, a mirror has been added for The Sims Vacation that has some interesting properties ;) Check it out in Greed.

New anime-inspired meshes and head textures, as well as a variety of skins from a new skinner, are up at Simfreaks.

WDS has added some new Oscar and Golden Globes-inspired dresses, as well as a new living room set. Also, they've brought back Robyn's Wicker Rose bedroom. Look for more classics from Robyn--her 4 different bathrooms--to come.

Four new male skins have been added at AAS.

This Sim Day, there was a new download added at the main site--a balloon arch. Great for parties!

SimSisters is up and running again. Check out their wall ivy, to go outside a house--it looks really good, not flat at all. They've also added two more new objects, plastic dinos for the kids and a fancy bathroom mirror.

More colourful designer-inspired skins are up at Sun Air Sims.

The Vegas-style updates continue at 8DS, with some awesome showgirl skins.

Lots of updates at Studio Sim--heads, skins, and walls are included. Also, check out the site's new sale site, The Warehouse.

New IKEA-inspired furniture set at SuperSims.

Kerv has updated with new outfits for men and women, and a few new female heads.

Found two great sites that I added to my bookmarks--Keep It Simple and Persimmon Grove. They have some great garden objects.

Lovely new disco ball at Ophelia's.

Monday, April 01, 2002

Some bigger women's skins, created from a new mesh by Jerome, and some blue wallpaper have been added at Simfreaks.

WDS has updated with a new sports bar for downtown. They've created some really great downtown sets. Keep watching for the Oscar and Golden Globe dresses, as well as some new makeovers.

I got Vacation for Easter, so I'm looking forward to trying it out and roaming around the Vacation exchange on the main site, finding some new hot spots for my Sims to visit together.

Some fixes for skins available at AAS have been posted, so go there and see if you need them. There's been a few skins added as well.

Cute new undies added at Boutika.

Lots of lovely new female heads have been added at Around the Sims.

Check out the new designer-inspired fashions from Sun Air Sims.

Paladin has updated several of his programs to be compatible with Vacation. Check them out--he's got some really great solutions for Sim annoyances :)

Lots of new skins up at West Coast Sims, including an awesome Betty Page tribute.

The Home and Garden section at Sultry Earth has been opened; the first update is a kitchen set. Also, new skins were added in the Casuals section.