Thursday, March 28, 2002

Ahn at Simfreaks has created some new head textures for Fionn's meshes.

The new forum has arrived at WDS; keep watching for the sports bar, coming up.

Oh, and Vacation is out :) I haven't gotten in yet, but I'm hoping too. There's some new info on the main page in a press release, a new object to download, and a Vacation exchange to check out.

8 new heads have been added at SuperSims.

More new skins are up at West Coast Sims.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Hey, sorry it's been a while. Life started to pile a bunch of stuff up on me, and I needed to take a short break from a few things; this was one of them. At least today's update should be big!

Great new living room set, and some new skins (including more Simbabes) have been added at Simfreaks.

WDS has added some new spring-worthy skins (too bad the weather can't take a hint) and some odds and ends in the objects section. Look for their new forum!

AAS has updated with some new skins, in the female and the themes sections.

Gorge new work skins at Boutika.

The sectional sofa set at Interior Design For The Sims has been expanded and improved, and looks better than ever. Be sure to check it out!

The black downtown furniture set has been expanded on as well, at Sun Air Sims. Go have a look in downloads!

Eight new iBook colours have been added to Around The Sims, so check them out to take your pick for your Sims' study. Also, if you downloaded the strawberry iBook before March 23, go get it again--the file was wack, but it's all fixed up now.

Check out the new blackjack table, and the ghetto doors, at 8DS.

Lots of new updates at West Coast Sims, including some curvy gals. Be sure to browse around and check it all out.

I'm not a Harry Potter fan myself, but I can still appreciate how great Makodream's Harry Potter skins (up at Sultry Earth are--HP fans should love them even more! There are objects and walls/floors as well.

Two new outfits for men up at Kerv.

A downtown bench and five new skins have been added at Simpressive.

Does anyone have The Sims Vacation yet? I haven't been able to get it--tell me (and everyone else who has to wait...sigh) all about it in the forum! :)