Friday, March 22, 2002

New The Sims Vacation billboard in Pride at 7DS. Keep watching for the teen bedroom preview.

New skins from a new Freak are up at Simfreaks.

I love the new kitchen at WDS. They're just getting better and better lately.

Denise is moving again, so the page will be gone shortly. Keep checking the SimSis/3DS forums for more info.

Two new male skins at AAS.

A Casuals update is up at Boutika.

Barairo No Jinsei updates with some new skins.

BriSims has updated with a new white bedroom and three new floors.

A cool new study, and some lovely laptops to put in it, has been added to Around The Sims.

Two new lingerie skins have been added at 8DS.

Check out the great new bedroom set at SimStyle2002. I love the closet!

New rugs and walls at SuperSims.

Sultry Earth has updated with some new heads.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

I must have missed the update--there are new billboards in Pride at 7DS.

Go to Simfreaks to give your guess for the answer to the Clue mystery.

A few updates have been added for the La Boca Grande restaurant set at WDS. Look for more odds and ends in the next few updates.

New swimsuits at SimsDiva, all Hot Date ready.

Check out the Roman-inspired lamps at Roman Sims

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Lots of new skins are up at Simfreaks.

AAS has a leprechaun child skin under Themes. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Check out the new stuff at Interior Designs for The Sims--new stones steps to match the others just released, and two new false wall fireplaces.

New homes and a green lovebed at Fairywitch and Ikbod Sims.

A craps table has been added to the gambling theme at 8DS.

New female skins are added, and swimsuits, formals, and theme outfits are Hot Date buyable at Sultry Earth.

Three new women's skins are up at Kerv, with some male skins to come.