Friday, March 15, 2002

Looks like Clue at Simfreaks may be ending--today the update is pictures of all of the characters.

A new backyard set is up at WDS--look for some upgrades to their La Boca Grande restaurant set next week.

New head at SimSisters--very cute. Also, their Pixel Punks site has moved.

Sun Air Sims has updated with some great new objects for a classy downtown boutique, which can be found in the Downloads section.

Lots of new skins for kids are up at Around The Sims.

Three cute new lamps have been added at SuperSims.

Big skins update at Sultry Earth, with three new pages of women's fashion.

Two new heads at Kerv.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Lots of new The Sims Vacation info is up at the main site for SimDay. Here's some important bits: there's some new screenshots that depict the Vacation scenarios and new objects--the carnival games are cute, the snowboarding facility seems really fun, I'm amused by the outhouse, I love the stone fireplace, and there seems to be new catering tables, which is a welcome addition. There's also a link to an IGN article about the expansion pack that explains more about the program. One exciting tidbit of info is that some of the new fireplaces will have usuable mantles, for which to display your souveniers (or other goodies). Also, the kiddies will get some new interactions like the adults did with Hot Date, so that should be fun as well. End of March, people! That's soon!

One new male skin is up at AAS, and a new skinner (with new skins) will be arriving on Friday, so check back then.

The new step platform is available at Interior Designs for The Sims--they come in white, wood, and black, and they look great.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

More Clue at Simfreaks--this time it's a bedroom set.

New clothing and furniture (a manly bathroom set) at WDS. Keep an eye out for the upcoming patio furniture set.

Boutika has added some new skins, with updates in their Labels section. I particularily like the Mossimo shirt.

Some trashy windows/doors and a roulette table have been added to 8DS.

Added at Studio Sim--a swimsuit, paintings, rugs, heads, and floors.

New heads, skins, and bathmats at SuperSims.

There's some new evening-wear up at West Coast Sims.

New site alert--the links page at Studio Sim pointed me to this great site, Kerv. Check them out--their skins are great.

Monday, March 11, 2002

More Real Heads by Fionn are up at Simfreaks. I particularlily like Swing.

New male and female skins are up at AAS, which has a new design.

SimSisters has updated with some new garden items.

There's a new URL for 3DS, so change your bookmarks and be nice to the bandwidth. For updates, check out the new male and female heads, and the new curvy woman skins.

Sultry Earth has returned, with a lovely new layout.

The second part of the latest living room set is up at Around The Sims. I really like the solitaire table.

There's some old and new stuff up at Studio Sim.

Lots of nice new stuff added at Trinkets and Treasures, so take a wander around.