Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Sorry that the updates have been less frequent lately. School and work kicked in, and I was on spring break, so this took a backseat for a few days.

New skins at Simfreaks, for men.

WDS has updated the ballerina set once again, with some new makeovers and the fourth installment of the bedroom. Next Friday there'll be a new restaurant set for a seafood restaurant.

Denise has returned from her short holiday--there are some new male and female heads up at 3DS.

Coming soon at Interior Designs for The Sims--a two step platform, with lots of great design possibilities.

New house stuff at SimSisters for your more ghetto Sims and their homes.

A new bedroom set, and some new heads, are up at Doubtful Sim.

Objects from Jenny's Sim Stuff are up at STP for those that lost theirs, or never got to see them.

Trashcans and a stop sign have been added at 8DS. I have an idea for a slummy downtown area...

Finger Mouse has added a new diving board, guarranteeing spectacular dives, at Cheap Frills.

Updates in heads and homes at Studio Sim.

New skins and posters at SuperSims.

Ophelia has updated with a gorgeous new window garden and matching regular windows.