Saturday, March 02, 2002

New Simbabes at Simfreaks.

The Ballerina Bedroom updates continue at WDS, where Part 3 has been added. Good news--the ballet mirror with the bar is a freebie!

Barairo No Jinsei has updated with some new skins.

One new skin at Jezebel's Closet, with a few teasers of skins to come.

Lots of new stuff up at SimSisters--skins and heads galore, as well as a new chair.

I have a new link for everyone--check out West Coast Sims for some new skins.

New skins at Sun Air Sims.

Still more skins, this time at Around The Sims.

Two living room sets and a rug have been added at STP.

8DS has added a slot machine and a dumpster.

Lots of new objects and houses are up at Sims Style 2002.

Parts One and Two of the new bedroom set at Moni's are up.

Gorgeous new bed up at Ophelia's.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

New bathroom set at Simfreaks.

Hot or Not contests winners are up at the main site today, with some skins based on Command and Conquer Renegade.

More skins for the latest mesh at SimSisters are up.

Lots of new houses up at Bri Sims.

Six new girls with dreads at JC Models.

Sun Air Sims has updated with some new skins, which are really nice.

New kitchen at The Sims Dreamhouse.

Dead roses at Ophelia's--cue The Stones.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

There's a preview up for the billboards being made by 7DS, as well as a few new instructions. Check it out if you're interested.

Check out the cute new party dresses at Simfreaks.

New clothing, and a new addition to the ballerina bedroom set, is up at WDS. Most of the items in this installment are freebies.

AAS has updated with a new female skin.

A new head mesh is up at SimSisters, after their short break. It's quite cute :)

An update at Fairy Witch and Ikbod Sim, after a long hiatus. There's an *awesome* kitchen, new fireplaces, cute blinds, rugs, skins, walls, floors, houses, and splash screens. Check it all out!

New cannabis plant and lamppost at 8DS.

Ophelia's back, with a new design, new curtains, a new headstone, and a new painting.

Finally, two new links for you--The Sims Dreamhouse and In Style Sims.