Friday, February 15, 2002

The release schedule for the HUGE little girl's room at WDS is on the main page of the site--it'll be released in four weekly installments, starting on Feb. 22. In the meantime, there's a new artist's studio that was added today. There's a few different easels, some supply shelves, and some other really good decorations.

The Date Maker is up at the main site--you can custom create Townies that fit your Sim's personality, ensuring successful dating. It's like a personals service for The Sims!

Woo! Lovely new evening fashions are up at Boutika. Iva is very Moulin Rouge.

Doubtful Sim is back in business, with a lot of new updates.

New pictures and a game room at STP.

There's naughty Valentine's skins and (heh) a pimp car up at 8DS.

Purty Valentine's recolous at Ophelia's.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

If you'd like a billboard made by 7DS, check the site out for instructions on how to submit your suggestion. Also, there's a huge new teen bedroom set coming up--no preview yet, but keep checking for it, because it sounds great.

Did you have problems downloading the new tiles at Studio Sim? Yeah, me too :) They're all fixed now, though, so head on over and get them--they're very nice.

There's a new Gamespot preview up for The Sims Vacation, with an article and some screenshots. According to the information given, the new expansion pack should be out in late March (that's six weeks--soon!).

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Simfreaks has added some lovely new undies for your Sim ladies to woo their men or women with on Valentine's Day.

Hmm. A date maker tool? What is Maxis up to? It's not up yet, so keep checking the main site. The Hot Date patch, however, is up again. Hopefully all is well this time.

Miss Simbabes? Simfreaks will soon have them all up on their site. The updates have begun, so check them out.

New loveseats and fixed skin names at SimSisters. The sofas are fun and adorable.

Thirty-two (!) new objects are up at Carrot Stuff. I love the new colours for the saloon windows.

I've just added Sims Tattoo Parlour to my bookmarks--it's got lots of great objects. I like the cute shortie dressers, the stove tops, and the white shower.

Happy One Year Anniversary to Sim Goddesses!

New art, fountain, walls, tiles, and houses at Studio Sim.

Monday, February 11, 2002

More Clue at Simfreaks. Yawn.

New outfits at WDS, in all three sections, including some Hot Date pj's.

The nice new summery outfits at 3DS make me wish it would warm up already.

Watch out for a Valentine's surprise from AAS. For now, there's a new female skin.

Sun Air Sims has a new download, a Valentine's coach.

Yet another gym tile at Cheap Frills--with these you could make a gym downtown!

Some rearranging (and updating--check cookery) has gone on at Studio Sim.

New houses, walls, and floors are up at Moni's.