Friday, January 25, 2002

You know what's at Simfreaks.

The main site has removed the Hot Date patch and is re-testing it--look for an update from them (maybe a new patch) in a few days.

New Oscar de la Renta outfit up at Jezebel's Closet.
Apparantly there have been some problems with the new Maxis patch for Hot Date and user-enabled objects for downtown--find out more here. I'm just going through it myself, so I don't have much more to offer up for anyone, but I'd be on the safe side and avoid installing the patch if you can until things get a bit sorted out.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Denise has made an adorable new Aqualamp for The Sims, as well as a lovely new mounted wall bookshelf. There's also some music posters of great bands like Blur and Built to Spill.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous new kitchen up at WDS--I really have to get that credit card working. The center island is to die for--other Sim sites, take note ;) Also, the berry bedroom has been re-issued, and there'll be some Valentine's-themed objects next week.

One more Gaulthier couture dress is up at Jezebel's Closet, along with some new Hot Date conversions. Also, check out the about page for more info on the models.
Another mystery set at Simfreaks, this one a living room set.

There's some new heads up at WDS, and an preview for a kitchen set that looks amazing.

Good news for all you frustrated Hot Date users--Maxis has released a patch for the game at the main site for SimDay.

New YSL outfits at Jezebel's Closet, and new models at JC Models.

BriSims has a new palm tree for the garden.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

More gorgeous Hot Date downtown objects are up at Barairo no jinsei. Check out the objects based on Sento (Japanese public baths) and Ryokan (Japanese hotels). The objects are faboo, and there's also a downtown lot you can download.

Jezebel is now making models, which can be found at her new site, JC Models. Also, she's looking for affiliates that make skins exclusively for men and kids, so if you fit the bill, go to her site and email her.

Lovely new female head at SimSisters, by Thea.

Moni's has updated again, this time with some new houses.

The Cocktail Party series begins at Pastababe's, with five new skins. Look for the rest of the collection next week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

WDS has some new fashions up, and has made some of their classic older fashions Hot Date-ready.

Denise is doing some construction at her site, so if you encounter broken links, be patient, and don't deluge her with emails--she knows :) She has to upload everything with her dial-up connection, so it'll take a while.

Check out the bedroom preview at Interior Designs for The Sims--it should be available this week.

Monday, January 21, 2002

Gorge new stuff up at Jezebel's Closet, from the couture shows--love the Jean Paul Gaultier and the Diane von Furstenberg.

The Gamecube has been added at 7DS--be sure to check out their other game consoles in Pride and Sloth.

You guessed it--more mystery stuff at Simfreaks. The freebie this time is a chair.

SimFashion by Jenny has moved to a new address, linked with her name. There's some new undies for men that are Hot Date compatible.

SimSisters has added some cute new furniture, and some girl's heads with braids, based on a mesh from Doubtful Sim.

If you've been having trouble getting into Pastababe's, try their mirror site. There's some new clothing up, in skirts.

Sunday, January 20, 2002

The PS2 and the X-Box have been added to the game console selection at 7DS. Also, the red marble office set has been updated with a filing cabinet.

AAS has updated with three new male raver skins to compliment their female raver skins. Look for more updates on the American holiday Monday.

The casual section at Boutika has some brand new outfits. Face the Light is my favourite of the new outfits.

Some nice Asian-inspired objects have been added at Sim Goddesses.

Lots and lots of new stuff is up at Studio Sim--new carpets, rugs, female skins, boy skins, girl skins, male skins, chairs, couches, artwork...whew :) Also, look out for the opening of the house section near the end of the week.

This is a great idea for a site--house plans for The Sims. I've been using sites that have plans for real homes, but they don't always translate well to the game, so I think this is a neat idea. Also, as a bonus, they tell you how much the house will cost to construct. Check it out!

Ophelia is back, with two new skins!

Check out this great new house site, Bling Bling Sims.