Friday, January 18, 2002

Simfreaks has even more mystery-themed stuff up--the chandelier is quite pretty, and free to boot!

There's a very cute seaport-themed bathroom up at WDS, and the Granny living room set has been reissued.

Denise has added a tutorial telling people how to make her skins buyable for Hot Date.

Does anyone know what's happened to Pastababe or Jenny? I can't access either of their pages. If they've stopped their sites or have moved to a new address, can someone let me know in the forum or the guestbook? Thanks :)

Check it out--Gamespot has a couple of new screenshots for The Sims Vacation. This is their main page for the new expansion pack--check on it for news releases and information.

I've been poking around the Hot Date exchange on the main site this morning. The Date Exchange seems like a neat idea, but it's not up yet. The Downtown Exchange is really neat--check out the links for the Most Popular Lots to find some good ones.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Hey, y'all. Check out the forum (link to the right)--it'd be nice to hear what everyone thinks about the goings on in the Sim community and elsewhere.

Even more mystery-themed goodies are up at Simfreaks--I'm really going to have to finally register, as I want that new love bed.

More skins up at 3DS--there's new skirts outfits thanks to a new mesh by Jerome, a new female head, and a new little boy's head.

The new SimDay event at the main site is pretty boring--a feedback forum for the new expansion pack and a demo for SimGolf.

Lyran's has updated to make some skins Hot Date compatible.

Four new celebrity outfits are up at SimsDiva.

A couple of new outfits and a new head are up at SimSisters.

New vehicles, seating, and electronics are up at Trinkets and Treasures.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Yeah, I know. I've been a bad monkey :( This is, I've become obsessed with Tropico, so I've spent much of my free time manipulating my proletariats.

7DS has a DreamCast offered up for your entertainment-hungry Sims--look for other gaming consoles to come.

The mystery stories (and related objects and skins) continue at Simfreaks.

New clothing and make-overs are up at WDS, and they include a head that reminds me a bit of the punk girl on the commercials for That 80s Show.

For starters, some files may be missing on the objects pages at 3DS, but that's just due to some rearranging from Denise, so don't worry, they'll be back :) Second of all, Denise has been busy with updating as well--heads and clothing are up.

There are three new raver ladies up at AAS, and their male counterparts are soon to arrive. There's also a new skin by a new skinner, Danni, also for women.

The bedroom at Interior Designs for The Sims is still forthcoming, but in the meantime check out the new decorative objects on offer.

Even more gorgeous new stuff is up at Jezebel's Closet--time to go shopping!

At Carrot Stuff, there are new door frames to match her gorgeous neutral wood doors, and some new recliner chairs.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

The Tiki Set at 7DS has been added to, with a new vending machine. Look for a new set to be released after the red marble office is completed.

Another Victorian-style set is up at Simfreaks, including a new bed.

A great new dining set is up at WDS--build a Mexican-style restaurant downtown for your Sims! Also, the Wine and Pine set has been re-issued.

AAS has updated with an outfit based on one worn by Shakira. Also, the skater/blader set will be up within the week.

The new goodies are pleniful at Jezebel's Closet--check out the What's New link for a page full of awesome skins. Don't forget to vote for the ones that you want to be Hot Date ready.

Two new Paul Frank rugs and a crocodile rug are up at Simsisters. Also, their sale site has been moved to a new host.