Thursday, January 10, 2002

Denise has added even more additions to her great Paul Frank set, with some new bathroom accessories. Also, fans of Built to Sim will be glad to see that the downloads from there have been put on a new sale site, 3D Sister Sale.

Well, this is what I get for going away for two weeks--I miss out on info on a new expansion pack! The Main Site is back up and running, and with that comes information on The Sims Vacation. It'll have a vacation island that functions similar to the downtown neighborhood in The Sims Hot Date, except that this time the kids can come along--it's a trip for the whole family. There are three settings available--a winter vacation area (snow!), a beach setting, and a forest setting. New interactions and 120 objects are included with the game. It'll be out in the spring, and it sounds really cool :)

Look for a bedroom coming up from Interior Designs for The Sims soon--should be great.

I was finally able to access Simsisters again, so here's what they've been up to lately. Firstly, many of their downloads have been mad Mac-friendly, so check out the link to those objects on their main page if you're a Mac user. There have been a few nice new heads and skins, and some great new objects, including some more...realistic kitchen counters :)

Monay from the much-missed Sims Loft has a new site, so be sure to check it out :) Also, I discovered a site called Carrot-Stuff, which has great recolours, including Hot Date items like the hanging flowers and the awnings. Finally, check out Trinkets and Treasures for some unique objects. That's my new-site summary :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Alright, I'm back :) I had no Internet access over the holidays, so I couldn't even check up on my favourite sites, let alone update, but you'll get a big update today. Sorry if I miss anything--I'll be all caught up really soon.

The red marble set at 7DS is on hold for a bit while some technical problems get sorted out, but it will soon return :)

There have been tons of updates at Simfreaks, of course--too many to cover--but highlights include new Real Heads, new Simhotties, Scarlett's bedroom, and Dani's new male and female skins.

WDS is doing a large expansion, which has rendered some downloads pay-basis, but has also brought back many old favourites like the Leopard bedroom set. It appears to work sort of like Salon--some content is accessible to all, some is accessible to Platinum members. There's new skins by Jenova up, and a new living room set, and the store set that they released a few months ago has been made Hot Date ready, so you can use it when building downtown.

Lots and lots of goodies are up at 3DS--more Paul Frank stuff (including a bed), more SHAG paintings, new skins and heads, and HD buyable formal outfits. Also, check out her new instructions on making items Hot Date ready.

New design, and three new skins, featured at Alba Sim Fashions.

There's a new casual update at Sultry Earth, but that's the last one for a while now--they're moving to a new server, so they won't be updating for a month.

The main site has been closed for the holidays, but will begin updating again this Thursday Sim Day.

Check out AAS for two new male skins (the redesign is nice too--reminds me of the cover art for the new No Doubt album).

New skins across the board at Boutika, and they're all loverly, of course. Check out each section to see the offerings. I especially like the Moschino-inspired Labels update, which has some great menswear looks--for women.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous objects are up at Barairo no jinsei. They're Japanese-inspired downtown objects, and they're lovely. Can you tell that I like them? I'm dying to make a Japanese eatery for my Sims now.

At Interior Designs for The Sims, there's a bit of a Japanese thing happening (I adore Japanese culture, so I'm happy)--there's a new garden with matching walls and floors, and the dining table has been updated.

A couple of new outfits have been added at Jezebel's Closet. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she does with the Spring collections.

Cheap Frills has given us an object of unparallelled genius--the forger's easel! Now you can be an artist for a living without all that nasty starving drama.

Lots of new stuff at Studio Sim, and lots more to come. Also, some objects that were giving Hot Date peeps problems have been fixed--look for the little blue star that indicates which objects have been improved.

Moni's returns, with a new yellow bathroom. There aren't enough good bathroom sets out there--I like this one.