Saturday, December 22, 2001

7DS has a couple of nice new skins up at Pride.

More Christmas goodies are up at Simfreaks, and by goodies I'm literal--there's Xmas food!

Some new stuff is up at Alba Sim Fashions--there's a women's skin and some men with glasses.

Boutika has a new poll up, and some lovely new evening skins as well. Plaid Stuff is my favourite.

Enegi has a new skin up, a gold evening dress.

Tons of new stuff up at fairywithc and ikbod. Xmas stuff, new skins, houses, and downtown lots are some of the new offerings.

Lyran has some new lovely sets up. They're Hot Date ready!

There's even more Xmas stuff up at Sim Goddesses if you haven't gotten your fill yet.]

Finger Mouse is back, and she brings one of her trademark downloads-with-a-twist with her. It's a tree that you can use to meditate in your garden, as well as gain body points.

Finally, this may be my last update until early January, as I'm going home for the holidays and won't have regular email access. Take care and happy holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2001

More new Xmas/winter themed updates are up at Simfreaks. The snowman in particular looks awesome, and makes me sad that I can't register. Boo.

WDS is on vacation now, but there are a few Xmas uploads available--the Nutcracker heads are up, and there's a winter-themed room in objects.

Denise has added to two of her previous collections--the Paul Frank room and the SHAG paintings. I'm a big fan of both of them, so I'm happy. The potty rug is especially adorable.

The main site had a really cute download for Sim Day this week--mistletoe! Check it out.

Josie's site has another update that I just got to see, thanks to Geocities :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Simfreaks has some new Christmas stuff up--so far there's house lights and wreaths. The icicle lights are really cool, but I can't have them, because Pay Pal won't register my credit card for some reason. Boo.

New Nutcracker-themed clothing is up at WDS.

Denise seems like she's been busy, cause there's a ton of new swimsuits up at 3DS. They're ready both for Hot Date and the regular game.

Small update at Jezebel's Closet--one of the Top Ten outfits has been made Hot Date buyable.

Monday, December 17, 2001

There's a couple of skin fixes posted on the main page of Alba Sim Fashions, and their forum is re-opened as well.

Page three of the Casuals section on the Sultry Earth mirror site is all fixed, as is the lingerie/swimsuit section (which also has some updates).

New heads and Hot Date pajamas are up at Barairo no jinsei.