Friday, December 14, 2001

Wow, it's been longer than I thought it was. Sorry about that--I was busy with exams, and now I'm working full time until Christmas. Should be a big update today, anyway :)

Simday on the main site this week is a skin contest--enter your skin, and it may appear in The Sims Online.

Lots and lots of flower vases have been the order of the past few days at Simfreaks, with some walls and a new living room set thrown into the mix to stir things up a bit.

It's Geek Week at WDS, so there's lots of appropriate skins, heads, and objects to choose from, including a cool metal desk and chair set.

There's some PJ and texture fixes at Denise's site--check out the news section for those. There's also a big update for men--and it's all Hot Date compatible.

Pastababe has updated with four more models.

Cute new casual wear up at Boutika--Red Call is my favourite outfit.

If you downloaded the gorgeous ponytail mesh with flowers at Barairo no jinsei, go back and get the update on the main page--any problems have been fixed.

The dining room set has been put up at Interior Designs for The Sims, and it looks really nice. A wooden version of the staircase with shelves is coming next.

There's a couple of new men's heads at Simsisters, as well as a fix for the latest cardigan outfit (main page).

Lots and lots of wonderful new stuff is up at Studio Sim--be sure to check it all out! There's so much, I can't really detail it all--it's all on the main page ;) Okay, I'll detail some of it--the new chairs are faboo, I love the little metal dining tables, I am very happy to have a new bathroom, the new rugs are beeyootiful, and the skins are lovely as well.

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Okay, so I've been absent for a couple of days. I have an excuse though--I got Hot Date (finally!) so I've been reinstalling the game and playing around with that.

There's a couple of new outfits at Jezebel's Closet--click on the "What's New..." link.

Simsisters has a couple of new skins up for women.

Coming soon at Interior Designs for the Sims--a new Japanese-style dining room.

More (Hot Date-ready) additions to the new office set are up at 7DS, and a couple of new objects are up at 8DS are available as well.

Check out more of the random new stuff up at Simfreaks.

WDS has added some new Hot Date restaurant-style items. Look out for WDS on Geek Week with The Screen Savers.

There's some new casual skins up at the mirror site for Sultry Earth.

Hot Date and original versions of the XL Ladies are up at 3DS. There's also some cute new pajamas.