Thursday, December 06, 2001

Well, now that I'm done all of my essays, I can blog with wild abandon :)

First off, the best news: Denise's new site, 3D Sister, has officially opened. You should all check it out--the downloads are amazing, and the design looks great as well. Their sister (heh) site, Simsisters, has a small update as well--take a look at Thea's new shirts in the women's section.

If you have Hot Date, and you download skins from Barairo no jinsei (you should!), go to the Recall link on their main page to get the renamed versions that won't clash with the Hot Date meshes--some of them had the same numbers.

Huh. Well. The main site actually has an object download for Sim Day this week. It's a dart board, and it would be a fun addition to a bar downtown, especially a country/western one.

New models up at Pastababe's--look for more to come.

The first addition to the new set at 7DS is up--it's a bookcase. Also, the armoire to match the love bed at 8DS is up as well.

Various requests have been filled with the newest Simfreaks update--I particularily like the new night stand. And WDS has added some new makeovers.

SimFashion by Jenny has a few new female outfits and heads available, many of which are Hot Date compatible.

The cosmetics section at Sultry Earth's mirror site has been updated--check them out on page four. The redhead on the bottom left is my favourite.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Yeah, so I said I'd update less often with school and all. But I'm bored, and done stuff early, and procrastinating. Hence the update. Be greatful, y'all!

It would seem that Boutika was hacked by some meannick who turned all of their zips into nasty porno files. Weird. They're back up now, I think, and there's underwear to download, but if you accidently get porn don't go blaming me :)

Simsisters has a few updates as well--new dreads for men (yay!), glasses for women (yay!), and a kitchen counter (yay!).

More skins at Simfreaks today--little girl outfits this time.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Two new sets of updates are up at Simsisters--teen room addons, a new head mesh, and anew outfit. The TV with new shows is a great idea, and the disco and rockabilly outfits are very fun.

Simfreaks has some new little boys' outfits avaiable for download.

New skins at WDS.

Okay, here I've been looking at the Studio Sim mirror site, and all this time the main one was being updated! Check around the site for new stuff.

Kinda slow day today.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Mushroomhead is available now at AAS. Upcoming: a server switch, a redesign, and a skater/blader set.

Check out the neat beds at Scooby's--there's some great new lovebeds.

There's some great new stuff up at Simfreaks--sets from Callisto, windows, and a big chicken.

Part Two of the White Oak Lounge set is up at fairywitch and ikbod sims. I like the wood furniture a lot--very block and modern, sort of IKEA-esque. The record player bookshelf is a great idea as well, and the birthday suit wall is very cheeky ;) There's also some cute new startup screens.

There's a new section at Sarah's Rock Star Sims Boutique--Fandom. Check it out for downloads relaed to bands, like No Doubt and Everclear. There's a new skin and a poll as well.

There's a faboo new head at the Studio Sim mirror site. Love those Barairo no jinsei meshes!

More new casuals up at the Sultry Earth mirror site.

Alba Sim Fashions has a nice new layout, so the links are unclickable while it gets fixed.

Oh, and a warning--I might be AWOL a bit this week. I'll try not to be, because going 'shopping' for the Sims is a nice distraction sometimes, but I can't make any promises. But I'm sure I'll be around more than I'm thinking I will be now ;)