Friday, November 30, 2001

Happy Birthday Jezebel!

There's a preview of the new skin set up at All About Sims--watch for them to redesign and move to a new server soon.

Another awesome update from Barairo no jinsei is up. The party dresses and new heads are really well done--this is quickly becoming a favourite site of mine, that's for sure.

The false wall fireplace is up at Interior Designs for the Sims, and it looks awesome. It was cloned from the Tiki Torch.

Guess what? The main site actually posted something useful for their Sim Day update! Imagine! It's a cataloger tool, and Paladin's Palace has had one up for a week now, but still. We have to take what we can get ;)

Pastababe has five new casual skins up. They're quite funky.

Two new updates at Simfreaks--more ladies from Danicast, and some additions to older bathroom sets.

Julia at WDS has made a new living room set. It's pretty casual and comfy.

The casual section of the Sultry Earth mirror site has been updated, and the offerings are lovely as usual. The new stuff is on page two.

New heads and skins have been up at Sims Connection for a while--I'm just a momo who can't read. Don't mind me--go check them out :)

Another new living room--this time at Sim Goddesses. It's got a casual, country theme as well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

There's new clothing at Jezebel's Closet, and a new option--you can vote for an outfit to decide if you want it made shopping-ready for Hot Date.

Boutika is back, with some new downloads. There's new stuff in Labels, and the Moschino outfit is my favourite, as usual. Also, they too are making older downloads Hot Date ready, so check that out if you've got the new expansion.

Check out the awesome new mesh at Simsisters--girly dreads! It looks like it took forever to make, so hit their forum and let Hanna know if you like it.

A preview for the newest set, an office set, is up at 7DS.

Lots of lovely heads are up at Simfreaks--look for more to come soon.

Some new date-style outfits are up at WDS, perfect for a party or a night out on the town.

Monday, November 26, 2001

One new skin at All About Sims, a female one this time.

The Red Matter couch--one of my favourite objects from the game--has been given the recolouring treatment by Simfreaks. The blue one is free, and there are a few other colours for members.

Well. That was short :)

Sunday, November 25, 2001

One month until Christmas!

Boutika has been deleted from their server, but hope to have a new host soon. That's why you've been getting a 403 if you've been going there.

There's a few new updates to the teen room at Simsisters--go to their forum and give them suggestions (not requests!) for some more items for the set. The new fuzzy table lamp is most adorable.

Another update at Sim Clothing by Josie--I really like the red striped top. Kinda new wave.

There's a great new update a Interior Designs for the Sims--the bookcase staircase is done, and there's matching walls and floors as well. Also, check out the update--that fireplace looks amazing!

There've been a couple of new updates at Simfreaks--there's a new country living room set, some more walls, and a new bedroom set. Make sure you get the freebie half moon windows.

The Harry Potter (well, fake Harry Potter) theme continues at WDS with some classroom-themed object uploads.

Cosmetics have been updated at the Sultry Earth mirror site, and Hot Date buyable skins are on the way.

One skin and two faces have been added at Alba Sim Fashions--Plum Beauty is really nice. I love that mesh. There's also a new forum there to check out.