Thursday, November 22, 2001

So, it's SimDay, and there's actually something this time around at the main site this time around--a Hot Date commercial and some related skins to download. Take what we can get, folks. There's also some new reviews up, which seem largely positive.

Pastababe has some new skins up with a patterned theme. It also led me to a link for Velaria's Sim Girls, which you should check out if you haven't been before--she's got some great heads.

Thanks to the 7DS main page, I've found out about what seems to be an awesome new resource avaiable for those that have Hot Date. It's at Paladin's Palace, and it's called the SimCategorizer. It allows you to put objects in new categories as prescribed by Hot Date, which means that by putting them in a downtown category you can make user-created objects available for use Downtown :) It sounds great, and it seems that it's working well for people. If you've used it, let us know in the forum.

A check to the Simfreaks forum confirms that people are happy with the new utility at Paladin's Palace. Also, there's more Hot Date advice, and the main site has updated with some paintings and a community pool-based lot. There's news on the forum of an official tool for object categorizing that was to be released today (SimDay) on the main site, but I didn't see anything about it when I checked this morning. Maybe it'll show up later on.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Teeny update at All About Sims--one new male skin, the first in their Hot Date series.

Gorgeous new stuff up at Barairo no jinsei, to the tune of some nice winter wear for men, women, and kids. There's new meshes involved, as well.

Simfreaks has been on a roll--first Sim Hotties, now some great little girls's skins are up.

It's Harry Potter spoof week at WDS, beginning with new skins.

Big update at fairywitch and ikbod sim--an office, walls, and lots of houses.

Sarah has been away for a bit, but she's working on a big new project, so stay tuned.

New heads up in the cosmetics section of the Sultry Earth mirror site.

Albafashions has updated with some new skins.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

More lovely updates at Boutika start this post--check out the evenings section. Primal is my favourite, personally. There's some new links up as well, and I'm in there :) How exciting!

For those of you into old-fashioned and historical downloads, there's a great new toilet at Roman Sims.

Woo! The Bauhaus set at 7DS--one of my favourite sets from anywhere--has just been updated. Check out the kickin' dining room table and chairs in wrath.

There's some cute new party outfits at SimFashion by Jenny, and they're really nice. Check out the head updates as well. Men and kids skins will follow during the week.

Since all the Sims Resource are down, Sultry Earth has opened a mirror site with some lovely heads and skins.

Okay, now for the new sites. Check out Alba Sim Fashions for cute skins--the heads are great, especially. Sims Connection is really great as well.