Saturday, November 17, 2001

Boutika has update with new outfits in the work section (liking Military Mama), as well as some new walls (on the last page and very pinky).

Small update at
SimSisters--a cute new short hair mesh for women.

The new 8DS lovebed is up--as soon as I get paid I'm going to register so I can get it :) If you've got it, let me know how it works on the message board ;)

There's even more Japanese items (the final installment) up at Simfreaks. Don't forget to check out all the great Hot Date help available in the forum.

This site has some Hot Date fixes for the censor patch and the bay windows. And this site has some Hot Date objects for non-Hot Date users to download.

WDS has their new PajamaJam bedroom up. It's very fun and colourful :)

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Jezebel's Closet is on a bit of a hiatus, and will be adding some new skins next month. Keep checking back then for them, and I'll be sure to post here as soon as they're up :)

New sets are up at Lyran's--remember, if you have Hot Date, they won't work at this time. Hopefully some solution to this can be found soon.

I'm going to register for Simfreaks thanks to their lovely new update. There's some great Japanese style furniture up, including a very nice (and free!) fountain. Also, there's some information on how to make skins avaiable for the shopping areas downtown. They've already begun the process of converting their skins. Don't forget to check out their forum for more info on Hot Date.

WDS has a new member, Mahogohney (aka Makodream from LATS). Make sure you check out her new bedroom set on Friday.

Paladin's Palace is home to some nifty replacements (like the Grim Reaper caterer) and programs (like Sim Wardrobe, soon to be updated for Hot Date).

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Oh yeah, Hot Date :) I won't be able to get my hands on it until I get paid next week, so in the meantime I just have to rely on the web for info. The downtown exchange is open, and some gameplay FAQ's are up as well.
Hot Date is out (more on that later) and Simfreaks seems to be the first to make objects for it. There's also some great question-answering and trouble-shooting going on in their forum, so whether you've got the game already or not, it's a great place to get information, especially on the reported bugs and problems (cataloging is somehow screwy, user objects can't be used downtown, the nude patch has disapeared, clothing sets are incompatible, for starters) and their already-arriving solutions (thanks to the members of the Sims community!).

All About Sims has a new women's skin--very funky. Also, they're working on some outfits for Hot Date, so if there's an outfit you'd like made, check out their page to find out how to request it.

There's five more new skins at Pastababe's to check out.

7DS has a neat new download--a Gameboy that your Sims actually pick up and play! Great for kids Sims.

A few new skins are up at SimFashion by Jenny--some male and female, as well as boys heads.

The gown section at SimsDiva is now open, with lots of lovely dresses for fancy dinners and balls.

Monday, November 12, 2001

Finger Mouse is unwell, so she can't answer her emails. Send happy get well soon thoughts her way!

Lyran's is temporarily closed to adjust to set use in Hot Date--it'll be back in action once the problem has been solved.

PajamaJam has begun at WDS, with some new pajama skins.

There's three gorgeous, gorgeous new dresses up at SimClothing by Josie.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Yeah, so I'm bad. This was a crazy weekend, most of it not good crazy. But I'm updating! See!

SimSisters is too, for that matter. They've got some lovely new heads of the female persuasion.

The secret project has been announced at All About Sims, since somebody guessed it, and a new male skin has been added.

Male head skin C4XOMa at Barairo no jinsei has been changed and overwritten, so if you have that mesh, go there to get the updated version.

The last two beetles--electric blue and frog green--are up at 7DS, and they're very nice indeed. Also, the winner, I suppose, of the Love Bed poll at 8DS has been revealed--Love Bed 6. See all the choices and the winner at the links on the 7DS main page. The teaser looks really good--I may have to finally register for 8DS :)

SimsDiva has a gown section, opening soon, so look out for that. Should be nice :)

I went to Electronics Boutique yesterday, and they told me that Hot Date will be in their store on November 14th, and will cost $42.99 CAN. Hope they're right :) This is the most recent article they have.