Thursday, November 08, 2001

Sorry I've been slow with the updates lately--life has kind of been getting in the way, with school and work being so busy. I'll try to update more, but I can't make any promises unfortunately. But if not daily, it should be every other day at least :)

The Casual section at Boutika has been updated again, with some great fall/winter outfits. Gorky is my favourite--the shading looks great.

All About Skins has a new skinner, Randy, and three new female skins by him. The pink shirt and brown pants with the scarf is cute, and kind of similar to what I'm wearing right now :)

There's a really nice dining set for Thanksgiving (or any other time, really) at Interior Designs for the Sims, complete with table settings. Also, check out the preview for the new stairs--very nice! And such a good idea.

The Sims's main site has a new cheerleader skin, for anyone interested. No new Hot Date info though. Doesn't it come out in a couple of weeks?

Sick of bad weather (it's actually been okay here, surprisingly!)? Check out Pastababe's new Hawiaan inspired outfits. It can still be summer for The Sims, after all.

Lots of news at 7DS. There's a new fire beetle in Pride, which is very cute, a blue and green recolour of the car is upcoming. Also, at 8DS, most of the objects can be viewed in the preview section, and there's a vote going on for what the new love bed will look like.

Simfreaks has been updating with some Egyptian-themed objects over the past couple of days, with some freebies included in each batch.

Line from the Second Hand Sims Store has joined Studio Sim, which would be why SHSS wouldn't load for me, I guess. There's also some objects from Kids Week up at Studio Sim, so be sure to check them out.

Monday, November 05, 2001

Simsisters has some new kids heads up, as well as more helpful skinning information.

Check out the preview for the new coffin bed at 8DS on the 7DS main page. It looks great!

It's freebie day at Simfreaks, and it's a good thing because new Real Heads are here. Real Hollywood, Real Kyoto, and Real Idol are my favourites.

There's a few new, very cute heads up at SimFashion by Jenny.

Lots of new things at fairywitch and ikbod sim--a living room set, houses, floors, walls, and roofing are all included.