Friday, November 02, 2001

Simfreaks is now a subscription site--there are still a couple free downloads every day, though, so be sure to check those out. Subscriptions are five dollars a month. Have any of you signed up? Let me know in the forum (link to the right). In recent update news, a lot of miscellaneous items have been added--counter, table, chair, flowers, birthday cake, and random kitchen doodads are included.

Stuck on names for your Sims? Check out this site. It has first and last names available by nationality, and it's especially helpful if you're looking for a theme or making a story.

Sim Fashion by Jenny has some new heads up--her first ones--and they look really good. There's a couple boys heads and girls heads.
Just found out some info on what's going on with Studio Sim, so I figured I'd let everyone know. You can access the site temporarily here--Geocities shut it down because of too much traffic (I'm not a big Geocities fan, myself). Go there for info on Kids Week. Also, there's some new stuff for Studio Sim up at this site. Finally, the new site will be up within the week. Thanks to angelnorman for the info :)

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Happy Day After Halloween! Was too busy partying (well, and going to classes and working) to update yesterday, so there'll be some Halloween downloads in this update. I guess the Sims can have Halloween anytime though.

Boutika finishes up their Halloween costume collection with some outfits in the Work and Undies sections. Check out the fairies!

Guess who's back? Simsisters! There's been a bit of a split--Denise is moving to another site--but for bandwidth reasons, not nasty reasons :) Her stuff is moved to the new server, so as soon as it's online you can check it out there. In download news, there's some new outfits and heads to check out. The new women's outfit is very cute, and there's a bunch of male skins up. The Atari shirt is my personal favourite :)

I tried to access Studio Sim, and was told that it didn't exist anymore :( If anyone knows what's up, please let me know in the forum :)

Super Sarah is leaving All About Sims, but is going to her new site--Rock Star Sims Boutique. It's got a very fun design, and some cute rockergrrl skins.

Sims Interior Designs has moved, so make sure you change your bookmarks. The kitchen set is here, and it looks great :) There's some new candles as well.

The Tiki set speakers and DJ booth are out now at 7DS--now your beach party is complete :)

Simfreaks has now gone subscription--go to the site for info on how to sign up. There's some cute autumn/Halloween related items up, and a couple of freebies as well.

There's some Halloween stuff up at WDS as well--a bag of leftover Halloween candy. Wish I had some of that lying around!

Monday, October 29, 2001

The Halloween updates continue at Boutika--this time it's little kiddie zombies and the like in the Labels section.

New dresses are up from the MTV VMA's at All About Sims. Janet Jackson is the latest addition--Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are there as well.

There are some new male heads and outfits up at Barairo no Jinsei--I like the baggy raver wear and the shaggy boy hair.

Small update at Interior Designs--there's a new round end table.

7DS has all of the VW Beetle colours up--look for some custom ones soon too. Also, there's some new stuff going on at 8DS, including an upcoming "real" love bed. Sounds good :)

For flooring fans, there's some new tiles up at
Simfreaks, along with some potted plants.