Saturday, October 27, 2001

Boutika has another Halloween update up, this time in the evenings section. There's some impressive meshwork involved. I like the witch, myself :)

Due to some technical difficulties, SimSisters will be down for a couple of days. You can still access the forum though--the link is on the main site's temporary front page.

There was an error with the boy and girl skins (which are both very cool, BTW) posted at SHSS earlier this week--go get the newer versions.

A small update is up at Interior Design for the Sims, with the Moderna kitchen set to come in a few days.

There's a few more colours up for 7DS's new VW Beetle--pink, purple, and blue. Check it out, it's really well done.

I have another new site to tell you about :) This has been a great week for site discoveries. SimsDiva is back from a hiatus, and they've got some really cute skins, so make sure to check them out. They've got some really trendy, well-done skins, and some nice celebrity outfits.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Anyone know what's up with Simsisters? I can't access the site :( I'm sure it's just a temporary glitch.

The SimDay update at the main site was pretty useless, as usual. Sigh. With Hot Date coming up, things had better pick up.

Pastababe's put a bunch of new skins up in the skirts/dresses section.

I can't have a VW Beetle, but dammit, my Sims can! Thanks to 7DS, that is. Looks great, and there's already three colours to choose from!

There's a bunch of cute little tables at Simfreaks today that would work great in a little kitchen, or in a small cafe.

Ooh, and I have new discoveries to tell you about tonight :) The first one is SimFashion by Jenny--cute, casual skins. The next is In Style Sims, which has a great stainless-steel kitchen set. Finally, check out fairywitch and ikbod sim, home of some of the most adorable kitchens I've seen (I love kitchen sets). Hope you like them!

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days--I've been ill and busy studying for a midterm.

Even more new outfits from Jezebel and her closet--nine this time! Check out the ball gowns.

Boutika's got some brand new Halloween outfits up under casual--the Sexy Snow White is a cute idea.

Lots of new stuff is up at Simsisters. There's a bed for the teen room, a couple of new chairs made from the cheap (but ugly) recliner, and a ton of great kids outfits from Denise.

Looking forward to Kids Week, via Studio Sim, and some unrevealed sites. Watch for it to begin this Sunday.

Lyran's has updated with a lot of new sets, including a lovely maternity set and a cute lavendar dress under Mothers and Daughters.

Check out the final addition to the Fringe Set at 7DS, as well as the preview for an upcoming car.

The Wedding theme additions continue at Simfreaks continue, now with more gowns than you can shake a stick at, as well as a lovely wedding buffet and serving table, for those of you with HP. And when Hot Date comes out, we could make awfully nice wedding reception sites.

WDS has their Halloween costumes up--the female witch, the male hippie (with a truly euphoric guitar look on his face, I might add), and the children's skeletons are standouts.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Denise's chair is up now at SimSisters, along with lots of other furniture--a dresser and bookcase for the teen room, a plant, a new kitchen chair, and a recolour of one of the kid beds. There's also a new female head.

More new things at Sims Second Hand store--a couple new kids' skins and a new fat skin set. Also, if you got the first set, download it again--there was a hand problem that's been fixed. Look for their upcoming kids week theme with their affiliate Studio Sim. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Studio Sim had a new house up as well--I don't download them (making them myself is half the fun of the game!) but it looks very nice :)

Interior Designs for the Sims has some nice new velvet chairs that would look good with the curvy red retro couch. Even more exciting is their preview of the upcoming kitchen set--it looks amazing!

There's some new sets at Lyran's Sim Design, including a lovely maternity set and a great lilac dress in the Mother's and Daughter's section.

You know, I would have been telling you about the Sim Day update here, except Maxis didn't do one. However, the site updates are almost complete.

Pastababe is having an end-of-season sale, so go get the goods while you can.

Simfreaks has jumped on the weddings boat and added some additions to their old wedding theme. There's a lovely bridal dress. Also, Simfreaks will soon be a subscription only site, for the most part, because of financial issues. I don't see any details on cost or whatever yet--let me know what you think about this in the forum.