Friday, October 19, 2001

Go to Simfreaks and check it out--more real heads! Some are revised, and one--Real Camelot--is brand spankin' new. Some of the older meshes are drastically reduced in file size, so they're worth downloading again.

There's six new outfits at Jezebel's Closet today, all based on one of her favourite meshes from Jerome. The two at the end with the white shirts are my favourites of the bunch.

Another long-awaited Moni's update--additions to the Sarah Kay set, a bedside table for the blue adult bed, and some windows.

Studio Sim has some nice new updates. There's walls by Angel, my favourite wall designer; a gorgeous new bookcase and window by Tulip (check out the preview for the fireplace too--nice!); and a new male head, also by Tulip.

Hm. The Sims main site is down. I'll let you know what Sim Day involved when it's back up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Wow--lots of news in teeny weeny letters at 7DS. There are three new team members for 7DS/8DS--look forward to new objects and skins.

Some more cute undies at Boutika today--they're very girly and sparkly.

Woo! Denise made objects, lots of them! Check them out at SimSisters--the Paul Frank kitchen is crazy adorable.

There's a preview for some cute new outfits at SHSS. Oh, and I won an award--The Die Hard Sims Fan Award. Isn't that nice? I'm most honoured--I'll put it up on the site on the weekend :) I'm also going to update the links then too--a couple are old, and I want to add a few.

Baraio No Jinsei has updated with some more lovely heads. The female heads are particularily well done--the eyes look amazing.
New clothes at WDS in all departments today--make sure to keep checking for more news on their upcoming Halloween update!

The Whitewash walls set at Simfreaks has been revised and updated--it now boasts over 100 walls.

More lady afro's over at SimSisters, as well as a new kids outfit. Oh, and keep checking for objects by Denise--they should be great!

All About Sims updates today with two new female celebrity skins--Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. If they and their music aren't your bag, imagine the fun you could have making the two divas live together ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Woo! 10 000 hits! Thanks to everyone that reads, and don't be shy to say hello in the guestbook or on the message boards.
Simfreaks has some nice new Asian-inspired outfits by Ahn along the side of the screen. They look great--they deserve more space! :)

There's another innovative object up at Cheap Frills--a one-sided mirror that allows you to spy on the neighbors and increase your logic at the same time.

The first set is up at Sims Second-Hand Store, and it is most adorable.