Saturday, October 13, 2001

There's some well-done new floors and walls at Simfreaks, in some great neutral colours.

More cute new stuff at SimSisters--an adorable women's outfit with a tie, a new kid's outfit, a new men's head, and some long lost spants :)

Check out the new skins, heads, and paintings at Studio Sim--the black keyhole dress is great.

Some new heads and objects for the Wedding theme are available now at WDS. The cake is very well detailed.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Upgrades are underway at The Sims main site, so downloads, message boards, family exchanges, and login are all AWOL for a litte bit. For the Sim Day update, there's some Simlish videos--they looked like a space-filler, so I didn't bother checking them out.

The wedding collection at WDS has begun with some new wedding fashions--look for more updates throughout the week, and keep your eyes open for the upcoming Halloween update.

The The Sims Resource hosted sites are still down. Grr.

Boutika has updated with some great new Labels skins--Fall Storm by ABS is my personal favourite.

If you downloaded Denise's All About Skins, complete with matching outfits.

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

There's a couple of cute new kids outfits at Simfreaks--highlights include Plaid Your Way and Playground Antics.

New female heads and girls' outfits at SimSisters, as well as some older outfits moved from the sale site.

A couple of new previews are up at 8th Deadly Sim.

Check out WDS tomorrow for their long-awaited wedding update.

Monday, October 08, 2001

The transcripts for Maxis' latest Hot Date developer's chat are up at the main site now. I'll save you the trouble of going there and condense everything important: there's going to be a seperate downtown area for every neighborhood (woo!); you get downtown via a taxi service, which can handle more than one person at a time; you and your date can race remote control boats as one of your romantic activities; kids must be with an adult to go downtown; there will now be two relationship types--daily and lifetime; there are forty new social interactions, including several different types of hugs and kisses; if your date goes really well, you can have your date stay over for a...slumber party; all the sofas will have the cuddle couch option; all the stuff is recategorized; the downtown area will have 10 lots; you automatically get sent home from downtown when you get too tired; there will be greatly expanded build mode capacity, including dirt and water tools; marriage is harder to get to now, but when you get married you can nag each other (just like real life); talking capabilities are increased, with more options and 7 new interests to gab about, as well as the ability to gossip; and, finally, the game comes out on November 13 (about five weeks from now--woo!);

Big updates at Studio Sims--objects and everything! The objects are by Tulip Rain, formerly of Sim Moderne, and some of them have been updated since they were at that site. There's some beautiful rugs by Angel there as well. Be sure to check out the previews in the Extra section--looks like there's a great new bathroom coming our way as well.

GameSpot has added some new screenshots of Hot Date recently--the cuddle couch looks quite cute. I'm also pretty excited about the restaurants. And I'm really looking forward to taking my Sims shopping :)

All the Tiki Set windows have been added to Pride at 7DS.