Saturday, October 06, 2001

Boutika has updated twice in the past couple of days--one update in faces, and one in casual outfits. The faces update includes both male and female skins.

Friday, October 05, 2001

There's some new outfits up at Well Dressed Sims this week, all with a patriotic theme.

New at Jezebel's Closet--a "Most Popular Outfit" box (great way to see her older work) and two new outfits.

If you downloaded Denise's latest (and they're great, so you should!) female heads, go to the SimSisters site and get them again--there was a naming problem that has been corrected. Also, the prices for the teen room posters have been lowered, so you may want to re-download those as well. In new stuff, there's a couple of new links, and a lovely new bathroom.

Update your bookmarks and links--Cheap Frills has moved :)

Just added to my bookmarks, thanks to Sims Second-Hand Store: Modern Sims. They've got lots of really nice object sets--check them out :) I particularily like their Manhattan kitchen set.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

For this week's SimDay at the Maxis site, there will be a developer chat--if you're interested in that check out the times on the site. Also, there's a new Hot Date preview at IGN--there's some news, like that the game will add 40 (!) new social interactions, 8 new interests, and over 120 new objects. No new screenshots though :(

Jezebel's Closet has updated as well, with three new skins based on a new mesh by Jerome. The patterned dress is especially cute.

There's even more wonderful new stuff at SimSisters--they're partnership with Denise is going really well, IMHO. Their styles mesh together seamlessly. There's a couple of amazing sets by Denise, and a few new heads as well. Also, Hanna's Avatars has been updated as well.

Small update at Sims Second-Hand Store--a new skin for the fat women's mesh. It's really nice, so go check it out :)

All About Sims has another update--two new female skins, and Johnny Knoxville from the MTV show Jackass. I've never seen the show, but Knoxville is wicked sexy, so go see :) They've also got a skater/blader set coming up.

Say hi in the guestbook :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

7DS has updated the preview for the Tiki Set Part 2. They've added a Tiki bar as well. Check it out in pride.

Boutika is at it again, with some new stuff in the work and undies sections, and a Miss B question by stand-in Wexworth.

There's some more great heads at SimSisters--a little boy's head and a women's head with a new mesh.

Check out the new swimwear at Pastababe's. There's a couple of cute Hawaian print suits.

Monday, October 01, 2001

Sims Second-Hand Store

The Sims Second-Hand Store (which I will be calling SSHS for the rest of the review) has just re-opened after a hiatus of sorts. They asked me to do a review of their site, so here you go :)

The site has a nice blue and green colour scheme, with some rustic blue wood detail, which works well with the whole second-hand idea. The design is very simple, which I love--column with info/skins down the middle, links at the left (for the different types of skins) and right (for the info, about, etc. sections), and the site banner at the top. It works well, loads quickly, and stays consistent, so big points for that. Also, the banner at the top links right back to the main page, which is a nice feature. Again, some text links, at the bottom perhaps, would be good, because it's always nice to have two different navigational systems, but the one here is simply graphical, so it should work for all but the slowest connections.

The Info page does have a text navigational bar, which points to the different areas in the section--About, FAQ, Tutorial, Credit, Staff, and Resources. There's a lot of information here, which is best checked out before email the webmasters (or any webmasters, really) with questions. There's also some info on requests that's good to read. There's nothing in the tutorial section yet, but an update should be coming soon, according to the news on the main page. Oh, and there's a small shout-out to me (thanks!) in the resources section, which is pretty cool. I'll try not to let it bias my review though ;)

The links section is pretty sparse--just the main sites. There's also some sites on the resources page, but they're pretty basic too, so it's something you could miss. It could be because the site is new, however--I would check it again in a few months. There's also an email link, and a burgeoning forum that you should check out.

On to the meat of the site--the clothing skins. The pickings are pretty slim here--less than five skins in each section--but again, the site is new and that needs to be taken into consideration. All of the skins are organized by body type, and the men's skins are first. I like these skins--they're nice and simple without looking boring. It's to find basic men's skins like that. There's an awesome skinny men's outfit with striped pants that I could totally see a friend of mine wearing, and the two sweater skins for fit men are really nice as well. The women's skins are good too, as are the children's skins--all basic and casual, but with an attention to detail, and a bit of a kick. Kudos to the sitemasters for having such good quality pictures of the skins as well--you can tell from them that they'll look great in the game. Also, it's great to find a site that makes skins for the fat meshes--diversity is a lovely thing.

Right now, I would give Sims Second-Hand Store three and a half stars out of five--in a few updates, they'll definately be up to four stars, because the site is well designed and organized, and the skins are of excellent quality. Don't let the fact that there's not a lot there yet stop you from checking this site out--go and give yourself something to look forward to for their update next (and every) Monday :)

Pros: simple design looks great and loads quickly, screenshots of excellent quality, great content
Cons: small selection currently, and...well, that's about it

* * * 1/2

7DS has posted a link to a preview for the Tiki Set Pt. 2--check it out on their main page. After this set is completed, there'll be lots of new objects to make a great beach house theme.

Hardcore updates at SimSisters--heads, clothes, the whole nine yards! Be sure to check it out. The teenagers' room is a great idea.

The Sims Second-Hand Store is back up, and there's some great new skins there. I'll be doing a review of this site very soon, so keep your eyes peeled ;)

BNJ has updated with some lovely items for a Japanese garden.

Pastababe has moved to a new address and has made four new skins commemmorating the events of 9-11.

Caro's Sim Kagen has updated their Mr. Maid--now he has his own seperate phone plug in, so he's not a default for the regular maid now, merely an option :)