Thursday, September 27, 2001

Wow, it's been a busy week. Sorry for the short abscence...hopefully there's a lot of stuff for me to write about now :)

7DS has added a new tree to the Jurassic set in Pride.

There's a Harry Potter crystal ball at Cheap Frills, to complement her new version of the crystal ball that can be used for logic points.

Simfreaks has updated with a new bar themed set, which should be great for when Hot Date comes out (and for those who have House Party already)--take your date to a charming pub!

Slight design modifications at Jezebel's Closet that should make it easier to load for people w/ slower connections. Also, she's looking for a quality head designer (think WDS, Cheap Frills, et al), so check out the main page of the site for more info if you're interested.

Check out the Labels section at Boutika for a few new updates from the Moschino collection--one of my personal favorite lines.

Lots of new objects at SimSisters over the past couple of days. There's sofas (I lurve the French ones), lanterns (very cute--they look like one we have at my house), paintings (more of Denise's wonderful Shag paintings! woo!), and curtains (very funky fabrics)!

Woo! A long awaited Moni update! Make sure you have a look at her lovely new child's bedroom.

More lovely heads at Studio Sim--both light and medium skin tones.

Monday, September 24, 2001

The Sim Goddesses have a long-awaited update--a brand new bedroom set.

Sultry Earth has a 9-11 tribute--an American t-shirt outfit and a picture of the New York City skyline.

New skins by Thea and Denise at SimSisters. It's all quality stuff, of course :) I adore the skinny girl flares and the cute new heads.

There's an amazing new tea room at Barairo no Jinsei--you have to check it out!

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Boutika has updated their evenings section--Matascary is particularily cute.

New meshes and skins for the curvy women at SimSisters. It's certainly nice to have skirts for them, and I dig the retro patterned shirts (I love modern design, geometric prints, and retro anything). Check back soon for some more new heads.