Saturday, September 08, 2001

Hmm. Seems 7DS is still down, since the 8DS launch. Hope we don't lose one for the other :(

Speaking of 8DS, PayPal hasn't let me register--something about my credit card, which is wack because I know I have enough on it. Hope I get it figured out soon--I'd love to get my hands on some of that stuff. If you've registered and used some of it, let us know how it is in the forum :)

Simfreaks has some new info on Hot Date and SimsVille--seems Heather got a bit of an insider tour the other day. Things are sounding good for both games--I can't wait for their release.

The last three pages of casual skins at Sultry Earth are now Mac friendly--check it out!

There's some new skins at Boutika today as well, and some faces I managed to miss. I love the Mock Blue skin.

Woo! Jezebel's Closet is back! I'm so glad, as this was one of my favorite sites. The preview looks awesome.

Denise has added some fabu new walls at Built to Sim. There's also a new teaser--can't wait for these new skins!

Thursday, September 06, 2001

This SimDay, there's another Hot Date preview up at The Sims Resource, with some more screenshots. Some of the information is still uncertain, but it's still looking good. The new NPC's sound interesting. I'm looking forward to this expansion a lot--hopefully it lives up to all the hype, unlike some other expansion packs we know about (hi, House Party!). There's also some new information on SimsVille that you might want to read up on.

There's a great new bathroom set up at Simfreaks today, all filled with lovely frosted glass objects. Check it out! Also, make sure you look at the last update, with objects to match the Maxis Napoleon bed.

There's some gorgeous new lingerie and swimwear up at Sultry Earth. I love the blue one!

New design and new set--Tekken--at All About Sims. Also, check out their clever new Comic feature.

Pastababe's has updated with 17 new skins today.

Check out all the links at the side :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Everyone must have been busy Simming over the Labour Day weekend :)

There's some new clothes at WDS today, a lot of it fall themed. I love shopping for fall clothes :) Keep watching for their wedding updates to come soon.

Purty purty new heads at Cheap Frills today.

New heads and clothes for your stylie Sim girlies at SimSisters today--they've also got a new affiliate, Built to Sim, which is super great, and has also updated. Go there!

Four new female skins by Amy at All About Skins today--she's a crazy good skinner. Look for a new design soon too.

Tulip Rain has joined Sim Delivery, who are establishing quite the impressive team. Check out their new heads.

Dood. Have you been to Interior Designs for The Sims yet? No? Get there! Awesome, awesome objects abound.

And finally, 8DS is a go! Check out the previews, sign up for access, and have fun downloading some dirty nasty stuff for adults. Okay, not that dirty or nasty. I want the pot table, myself.

Monday, September 03, 2001

8DS is supposed to launch today--keep checking the 7DS for it :) There's no new news there this morning about a delay or anything, so I'm assuming it's still a go.

There's an Aaliyah skin at Simfreaks that's really well done. It's a shame when someone so young and talented dies so tragically :(]

If you downloaded the new long-haired male mesh at SimSisters, go back--it's been remade.

Sunday, September 02, 2001

The launch of 8DS has been pushed back a couple of days, until Monday. I'm still looking forward to it. Check out the recolours of the Bauhaus set in the meantime at 7DS.

New skins at Sultry Earth again, more great fall outfits. Also, check out the teasers for what's to come.

The Work and Undies sections have been updated at Boutika. Also, they're looking for a new designer for their Undies section--apply if you've got the goods ;)

The Simsisters bandwidth problems have been all worked out, and they have a new outlet site, SimSisters Sale. If you're looking for something and can't find it at the main set, check out the new one. They've also updated--check out the new heads and skins.

There's some new heads by Angel at SimDelivery.

Check out Denise's new site, Built to Sim. It looks really great :)