Friday, August 17, 2001

Another update, Man-style, at Boutika--this time it's in the undies section. Slingshot is hilarious! :)

Check out the heads at Head First, my newest bookmark. They make great use of Fionn's meshes. I especially like the women's heads.
Okay, so the Maxis site didn't have a new object this Thursday, but it did have a Hot Date preview, with some pictures (hey, at least it's not another interview). The preview is at GameSpot, and there's some new info on the expansion pack, as well as some screenshots. Also, the article says release in October or November, so we may get it earlier than we thought ;) The Downtown concept is explained a bit more, and it sounds really neat. Check out the preview if you haven't yet.

There's some lovely new heads at Cheap Frills, but the coolest thing is her new trampoline for exercising--it looks great, and I love giving my Sims new exercise options.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Boutika's man series continues with an update in the work section. Cubed is my favorite of the skins--I love a man in a sweater ;)

More heads at SimSisters as well, including more Asian heads. The kids' ones are especially nice, and I love the new women's ones by Thea as well.

Woo! New walls and floors at Pixe's Sims--there's some hardwood flooring (a favourite of mine), some great neutral miscellanious tiles, and some nice colourful tiles (with a matching wall set) that would be great in a bathroom or poolside. Also, the site has had almost 11 000 visitors, outstanding for such a new site, and it's deserved--make sure you check them out if you haven't before.
Great, huge update at Simfreaks--a silent movie theme! There's a ton of stuff, from skins to a house to walls/floors to furniture. Make sure you check it out.

There's a new, non-Pepsi soda machine out there at 7DS for all of you who prefer different soft drinks :)

New kids clothes at Sultry Earth--there's some really great skins for little girls.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

There's an update to the updated swimsuits at SimSisters, so if you downloaded them before, you should go download them again.
The dishwasher for the Tiki set has been added at 7DS.

Sim Goddesses have made a small update--my favorite piece of this is the blue patio furniture set.

You can see the graphics for the skins at Sultry Earth now--check them out, they look really good.

Boutika continues its series of men's clothing with an update in the Formal section.

There's some new heads at SimSisters today--some heads from their new Asian collection, and a redhead by Thea. The redhead is great, and it's nice to have some more cultural diversity for my game.

Another great update at Sim Clothing by Josie today, including more Hello Kitty outfits.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

The Tiki set is starting to go up at 7DS--the grill is there now, and it looks really good. It'll be nice to have some well-done objects for my beach parties. Also, there's another teaser for 8DS up, for a bar. It looks appropriately dark and sinful ;)

If you downloaded the drink machine from Maxis, you should go back to the main site and download the new version--there may be some bugs in the first one.

There's some more new skins at Groovy Sims/Sultry Earth, but I can't see them :) I'll try the page again tomorrow.

There's a message at SIModerne about the site closing--it's true, but Tulip is moving to another as-yet-undisclosed location, so we aren't losing her completely :)

Check out the update and new design at Sims Second-Hand Store today. There's a wonderful little boys' skin in grey that I loved right away.

PastaBabe is on a bit of a hiatus, but she assures us that she'll return, so I'm not too sad :) I'm looking forward to more of her great skins.

Sim Clothing by Josie has updated as well--check out the adorable Hello Kitty outfit.

Now for my discovery of the day--Hidden Treasures. There's some great retro furniture there, and some amazing walls by Kathryn Bevan--very fun and colourful.