Friday, August 10, 2001

Groovy Sims has a new redesign, a new name (Sultry Earth), and some new skins for the Fall season--check it out. It looks really good :)

I've just read at the Boutika boards that SIModerne is closing its doors--it's too bad that the community keeps losing new fresh talent and the bigger sites just keep growing and growing. It would be nice to have a balace, a bit of both, you know? Best of luck to Tulip though.

It seems, though, that whenever one site closes, I discover a new one to love (another discovery at the above boards). SimClothing by Josie has some really great skins--I bookmarked it instantly. The design is really good too.

Even more new walls at Pixe's Sims today, by Angel, many of which are manly. The alcohol collection would be great in a classy club or martini bar for your Sims.
Well, Maxis has actually offered an object for Sim Day yesterday! It's a Pepsi drink machine, which could be good for parties and such--I haven't used it in the game yet, so I'm not sure how it works or if there's new animation.

Check out a new skin by Gorky in Pride at 7DS.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Male skins at Boutika! Now my man Simmies can be just as stylish as my ladies :) They look great. I think 'Red Will Explode' is my favorite.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Wah! Jezebel's Closet is shutting down, for the time being. The site will remain up, so if you haven't been before, check it out--great designer outfits. If you like Boutika, you'll like this site too. I hope Jez decides to come back after a break.

New skins at Groovy Sims today--click on the links on the front page in the news section, because she's fiddling with the layout. The blue sweater with the beige flares is really cute.
Americus Jay is back in business--the new layout looks good. Not all the links are active yet, but keep checking up on it ;)

There's a London-style payphone booth at Scooby's that looks really neat--works as the payphone in House Party does.

There's a cute little round dining table with a plaid tablecloth on it that I really like. It'll be nice for a little patio or for a cafe (maybe when Hot Date comes out?)--check it out at Simfreaks.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

FingerMouse has a new domain, and some new objects--a stare-out contest game, and some new colours for the martial arts mat.

Check out Simfreaks for more redone hair meshes (Real Tail, Superlong, Real Lilt, Real Mess, Real Pin, Real Wet, Real Sculpt, Real Shag, Real Tost, Real Haus Frau, Real Short, Real Pig), as well as some completely new ones (Real Slick, Real Peggy Sue, and Real Bush).

New stuff at SimSisters today as well. The Play Doh is a really cute idea.

More skins at the Sims Second-Hand Store--women's, men's, and children's.

Monday, August 06, 2001

7DS has posted a teaser for their 8DS site, but the picture is too dark for me to make it out properly, althought I'm thinking it has something to do with strippers. Maybe I can't figure it out because I'm not as dirty minded as I thought I was ;)

There's a new Atrus Desk Room at LATS, with a House Party compatible dresser. I never use the feature, because I have way too many skins, but it looks nice!

Big update as PastaBabe's--new skins and a buying guide for a stylish Sim lady.

Sunday, August 05, 2001

There's some changes to some of Fionn's head meshes at Simfreaks, as well as a new mesh with braids.