Saturday, August 04, 2001

Simfreaks is on a roll lately ;) I like the new leather couches--there's a ton of colours, so there's one to match almost all decor.

Ophelia's is back, with a huge update! Check them out in objects.

Time for my new site discoveries. Check out BlueSims for some cute skins for women and girls. PastaBabe's Sims Boutique has some nice skins as well. Finally, Barairo no jinsei has some cute messy head meshes for men and women, which have inspired new skins at Simsisters. Check out the new easel and women's skin at Simsister's as well.

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Great new business outfits at Simfreaks, in mostly black--they look like what I wear to work, so I'm happy that my Sims can wear the same clothes as I do!

There's a new skin set by Denise at LATS, and it's really well done. I love the dress!

Check out the new walls and heads at Pixe's Sims. I'm being turned into quite the wall addict by this site ;)

Four new outfits at Sim Second-Hand Store--three for women, one for men. The blue flares for the fat mesh are really cute.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

The armchair for the Bauhaus collection at 7DS is up now. Check it out in Wrath.

There's a ton of new rugs at Simfreaks, for all of you floor covering addicts :)

Boutika has updated again--the Labels section this time. The Galliano is my favorite.

Monday, July 30, 2001

Simorpher has recalled their lamb roast food object--there's a new version posted for download now.

The Work section of Boutika has been updated.

More new skins at Simsisters--flared skins for skinny men, and a couple of tops.

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Groovy Sims will have a final update this Monday. She says on her main page that she's leaving for personal reasons, and she'll keep the downloads up as long as possible, but you might want to get there and fill up your cart just in case. Also, the newsletter downloads are available--the link for those is on the main page as well.

Even more walls at Pixe's Sims today--Exterior Bricks, Exterior Stucco, Balinese Collection, and Baja Collection are my favorites.