Saturday, July 21, 2001

On the Simfreaks forum there's news of some new heads of Fionn's, and some improvements to existing heads. Apparantly we'll get one of them this week :) I enjoy the RealHeads, so I'm looking forward to this.

The final pieces of the Lunby Dining Room set have been added at Livin' Around the Sims, and it looks lovely :) I've searching around the site, looking for hidden treasures that I might have missed--this set is one of them.

Oh dear--I just went to Groovy Sims, and on the main page it says that their final update will be on Monday, due to problems with hosting restrictions :( I really like her work, and it's sad to see another great small site shut its doors. Hopefully Gela will take her talent to another site.

Friday, July 20, 2001

I've added a message board to the blog--you can find the link to the right, under Archives. Enjoy!
So, Sim Freaks has added another skinner, Squeegee, to their ever-growing roster. I really think their goal should be more quality than quantity, but I'm not running it, so what do I know ;)

The Sim Goddesses are back from their vacation with a ton of updates. I downloaded the add-ons for their latest children's bedroom set, and the new double bed that matches Moni's Louis set. There's some nice stuff in the White Garden set as well, but I didn't download it, because I only wanted a few items, but it was all in two large zips. That annoys me so much. I know there's probably a practical reason for it, but it just keeps me from downloading things--my computer is running out of space, and I need to watch my downloads. Great update otherwise, though.

Pet peeve of the day--enormous signatures in bulliten boards, which consist of giant pictures, and dolls, and animations, and song lyrics, and 20-line poems. Enough. A small graphic or phrase is fine, and a lot of them are cute, but that kind of excess is just inconsiderate, as it slows down the boards considerably and takes up half the screen. Is it really necessary to have a signature three times as long as your longest post? Gah.

There's some cute new undies at Boutika. I saw the Privates set on Girlshop last night :) I really must figure out how to change the defaults in my game to give my lady Sims some sexy sleepwear.

There's some pretty new floor sets at Pixe's Sims--I especially love the tiles!

And now my latest site discovery--All About Skins. It's got some great band skins, and I love their female raver skins as well. Looking forward to the next update!

Thursday, July 19, 2001

All the Sims Resource sites seem to be down again--I couldn't get into Groovy Sims to check if it had been updated.

My new site discovery of the day is Sims Second-Hand Store. I found this site through the SimSisters forum, and while there's not a lot there yet (it's really new), I love the skins I've seen, and I'm really looking forward to updates. There's an awful lot of new talent emerging in the Sims community these days :)

I was really disapointed in SimDay this week--telling us to go suggest Hot Date ideas in the forums, and that the contest is over? Please. Suggesting ideas is something that can be done any time, so that's just weak. Also, their forums are such a mess that I avoid them at all costs--they have no organization, and most of the threads are only a post or two long. It'll take more than that to get me there. I usually defend Maxis when SimDay is an interview or a contest--they probably don't have time to make a new object every week, and people must enjoy the contests if they continue to have them--but this time I'm not going to. They better make up for this next week.

Yay for Pixe's Sims, quickly becoming my favorite Sim home decor site! There's new walls up--some trailer park siding that was requested in the forum, and some awesome black and white walls--they look really striking, and will fit in well with a lot of my furniture. There's a promise of new floor sets tonight, so I'll update again when that's up.

Just had to end on a happy note :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

There's some new skins from Callisto at Simfreaks. My favorite (the only one I downloaded, actually) is the punk shirt with the white pants--perfect for my hard-partying Sims.

This isn't exactly new--they haven't updated in a while--but I really like the latest children's bedroom from Sim Goddesses. I don't use kids in my game often, but when I do I like for them to have some options for different bedrooms, not just the same bed that came with the game over and over again. This one is perfect :)

Livin Around the Sims has some more great downloads. There's some awesome paintings--twelve!--by a great artist name SHAG. I love the style of them--very colourful and abstract--they'll work well in many of my Sim homes. There's also some new paper lanters, originally by Marle of Simsations, that looks really well done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

I really love the idea that Livin' Around The Sims had when they made their gallery. I tend to mix and match a lot of my items--I don't always use things in sets, and I like an eclectic look more than a catalog look--so it's great to see the creative ways that people have decorated their Sims homes with items from around the community (and to find out where they got everything!).
Boutika has updated again, with some nice new outfits in Work and Labels. My Sims went on a bit of a shoppig spree ;)

Monday, July 16, 2001

SIModerne has added a skin by a new guest artist, a great white chair, and a couple of really cute little lamps.

Pixe's Sims is my favorite new discovery :) I just love their walls and floors--simple and clean and elegant, without any fussiness. Just what my Sims need! They added some hardwood floors today, which I'm very excited about--I can never get enough wood flooring.

Jezebel's Closet is my source for all the designer clothes I can't afford in real life--I just live vicariously through my Sims! She's updated with some Ungaro and Alex Perry dresses.
Hey everyone! Welcome to the Sims Blog. Every day I go through my bookmarks, looking for updates in the Sims community, and I finally decided that it would be a great thing to have a blog where I could list them for everyone else to see. This site will feature news on notable updates from sites small and large, well-known and obscure. If you have a site you'd like me to check out, you can send me an email and I'll add it to my favorites list. Also, I'm hoping to have a message board here soon, so watch for that. Happy Simming!