Monday, September 23, 2002

Hey, I've been awol for a while, trying to decide if I'll keep this up. I don't think that I will in the weblog's current form--it's a ton of work for me right now, more than it might seem to be. However, I do have an already-existing weblog at'll be updating there every Friday with my Sims picks for the week, and on other days with random popcultural, political, and nonsensical links. Check it out--I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading The Sims Blog, and I hope you stay with me as readers in my other format at Be Sweet.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Is this going to work?

Sunday, August 11, 2002

A new bathroom and summer furniture set, as well as some new female skins, are up for grabs at Simfreaks.

WDS bestows upon us the Punk Rock Cafe--a fun take on the Hard Rock Cafe, it'll be at place in any liberal neighborhood.

Awesome new casual skins at Boutika, with some based on the style of Diesel Jeans.

New black bathroom set at Sun Air Sims. Very nice--love the tub. I think this is my new favourite bathroom set.

Walls, floors, and a kitchen set are what's new at Fairywitch and Ikbod Sims.

Great new bathtub at 8DS.

Heh. Love the smoking table at Cheap Frills. Great for bars. And yes, it's bad for you, I'm aware.

New casual and formal skins--and a new address--for Sultry Earth.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Why isn't this working?
Testing...I seem to be having Blogger troubles. My last update, yesterday, didn't come through.

Friday, August 02, 2002

In case you haven't noticed the pattern, updates will be Fridays from now on.

The sofa for the Teen Bedroom set is up at 7DS--more items to follow.

New meshes, skins, and N*sync heads (which are very well done) at Simfreaks.

Check out the new store and related skins at WDS.

The About Unleashed section is now open at the main site--it's got some more screenshots and a new FAQ. I asked at my local Compucenter, and their release date for Unleashed is September 16--six weeks to go.

Interior Designs for The Sims has updated with castle towers and an ivy-laden column before Cristina goes on a short vacation.

Lots of car recolours at SIMulation.

Gorge new bed at 8DS.

New chairs and sofas at Trinkets and Treasures.

Ophelia has added a new bedroom, and is working on a new garden set.

Friday, July 26, 2002

New additions to the Manhattan Bedroom and the Bjorn Again Study at Simfreaks.

The Copper Kitchen/Dining Room is up at WDS. There'll be another store--lingerie-themed, it sounds--next week.

Links to further information about The Sims: Unleashed are up at the main site for this Sim Day.

The Sims Interior Design updates with a new medievil dresser that matches the bed that came with Livin' Large.

New skins at Sims Diva.

FingerMouse has updated her Health Visitor to have many new features, making it even more cool and useful.

Studio Sim is closed until further notice. Wah. Another one bites the dust.

There's some new windows and doors at Juniper Sun, as well as a new flat set.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Simfreaks has updated with new clothes for your Sim ladies for summer, and a new living room set with a cool plasma TV.

Another great Friday Furniture update at WDS--a wood living room. Check out the second part of their WDS Store, with a sales clerk. Next week there's a new kitchen that looks really nice.

Sandy brings us a new living room set and some photographs for the walls.

New rugs, skins, and flowers at Studio Sim.

Rachel at Trinkets and Treasures has updated with some new skins, as well as updated Ford Thunderbirds and a wall/floor set.

An umbrella and a barbeque have been added at Persimmon Grove. I'm excited to see the great objects this site will have when the new expansion pack comes out, since Sims will be able to have actual gardens then.

Check out the preview for the new bedroom set at Ophelia's.